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Global Village Ministries

Providing No Cost Dental & Medical Care to the Underserved


What We Do

Global Village Ministries began with a vision to provide quality healthcare to underserved regions of the world.


Initially, medical and dental volunteer teams participated in service mission trips to Asia and Africa.  In 2006, efforts began to focus on providing care in Kenya and specifically to serve the people of the Masai Mara region where the dentist to population ratio exceeds 1:150,000 and many have no access to any dental care.  


After fifteen years of serving that region, Global Village Ministries helped to establish a safe home for girls who are threatened by Female Genital Mutilation and Child Marriage.  In 2021, Dr. Robin Steely and his wife Adell established a fully operational dental clinic to serve the region. However, the lack of care is so great that more rural and mobile clinics are urgently needed.


Today, Global Village Ministries continues to serve the people of the Masai Mara region in collaboration with Humans For Education to provide medical and dental care through rural and mobile clinics staffed by volunteer professionals.


In 2023, we have establish an operational dental clinic at the Lions Hospital to serve patients on a regular basis.  This has been a major undertaking but an exciting and meaningful way to serve a very underprivileged region. Through our mission and collaboration, we will improve not only access to care in the region, but will also transform lives creating healthier and better thriving communities.

Please consider joining a future service trip.  Donate your time and skills to serve others.


Be a part of Change

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Volunteers Needed

Global Village Ministries is looking for medical and dental healthcare professionals as well as a few non-healthcare providers that are ready to serve both in the US and throughout the world.  Volunteers should be experts in their specialty, service-minded with realistic expectations, culturally sensitive and adaptable to all kinds of situations.  We also expect that you're able and willing to provide the funds to participate and travel to developing countries.

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Andrew Heney, GVM Board Chair
Daphne Pariser, Ph. D,  CEO & Founder Humans for Education

7370 Morrice Road. Morrice. Michigan. 49103

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