Global Village Ministries



FGM / Cutting / Circumcision


which means “angel” in KiMaasai opened its doors in 2013 to twenty three young Maasai girls

between the ages of 5 and 16 who had endured female genital mutilation

and/or child marriage or were at high risk of it.

The home can house up to 28 girls and 3 babies/infants

Global Village Ministries is passionate education and enabling opportunity.

They actively bring about awareness of female genital mutilation (FGM) /child marriage

and helps to raise funds for the home.

The home is in Sekenani, and is for girls under the age of 12 all the way down to infants who have endured trauma in their lives - rape, assault, FGM, childhood marriage, abandonment etc.  The girls are blessed with a team of ladies that mother them and areable to reach out with hope, love and encouragement. There are opportunities for you to come

and stay at the home while working with the children, and within the community.

The home is totally almost totally dependent on donations, but they are working on option to become self sustaining thru the selling of their very own honey and Days for Girls Enterprise. Please continue to keep us in your

prayers as we strive to bring about awareness of the dangers of female genital mutilation, child

marriage and the importance of education for all.