Passionate about Serving Others

Global Village Ministries (GVM) is a Christian non-profit (501)(c)(3) organization registered in the United States that is passionate about serving others.

​​We aim to accomplish this by providing three mission trips each year - in March, July and October - to Kenya, giving free care to those with insufficient access to health, dental and spiritual care.

​​Each trip is unique and gives you the opportunity to understand the culture, see the countryside, make new friends, and enjoy the amazing wildlife.

Global Village Ministries also promotes long-term projects in the areas we visit - including building projects and several ongoing education projects. Our focus is not on how many patients are treated or the number of teeth extracted, but instead on building relationships and reflecting our Maker.


We believe in the Bible as the guide of our faith and as the Word of God to all. It reveals to us God’s will, what is true and how we can know the truth. All we hold to be true in matters of faith can be found in it.

We believe a great controversy is taking place between God and Satan over the souls of all men and women. This warfare plays out mostly spiritually but has affected humans in many other areas of their existence. In keeping with His mission to restore men to a meaningful fellowship with God, Jesus engaged in work that was for the benefit of mankind – spiritually, mentally, and physically. He alone makes men and women whole. We want to model our lives after Jesus in character and action to help accomplish His mission.

We believe Jesus will soon return to this earth to complete His plan of salvation and restoration. We want to share His love with others so that we can all be ready when He returns. This hope is the motivation for our mission.

Global Village Ministries' Team

Deborah Alston 
​After coming to Kenya and falling in love with it, Deborah has agreed to be
​our grant writer/fundraiser adviser.

Kim DeWitt - President
​Kim was raised in Kenya and has spent 18+ years of her life there. She is responsible for the mission trips,
the sponsorship program, and is passionate about the people of Kenya and ending
​ female genital mutilation/early childhood marriage.

Kamunge Ing'ang'i - Administrator in Kenya​​

​Kamunge, a Certified Bronze Guide and driver, wears many hats in Kenya--negotiates paperwork
​and appointments, mentors children, administers THE OLMALAIKA HOME.

Gordon Guild
​A physician who has come on many trips to Kenya, Gordon is known for his patience,
​big heart, and willingness to help in many ways.

Roger Knecht
​Roger is a dentist who has been helpful in setting up dental supplies and has been
​part of the dental team for a number of clinics in Kenya.

​​Nicole Minnick - Secretary
​In charge of GVM donations through the Warren, Michigan, church. Nicole has sent her daughter to
​Kenya with us and has been on several mission trips to other countries.

Greg Powers - Treasurer
​Greg is a software developer with a large corporation in Ohio who has a
​passion for missions and young people.

​​Karla Wolf - Chair
A physical therapist and wife of a dentist, Karla has directed children's programs
​connected with ​our clinics in Kenya.

​*A very special thank you to the Warren Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Michigan
​that ​encourages ​and promotes our projects in Kenya​​​

Address: 37223 Highlite Drive, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48310 USA      Email:​