Passionate about Serving Others

Advisory Team

​Deborah Alston
​After coming to Kenya and falling in love with it, we asked Deborah to oversee Development/Marketing/Social Media for THE OLMALAIKA HOME.

​Andrew Baildam MD
Andrew  is a surgeon with a heart of gold. He actually worked for several years in Tanzania at the Heri Mission Hospital and he is married to Eileen.

Eileen Baildam MD

Eileen is a Pediatrician in the UK, her parents were missionaries in  East Africa years ago and so Kenya and Tanzania feel like home to her.  She has a tender heart and a wealth of knowledge.

Rick Beckermeyer DDS
Rick is a dentist in the US and does 2-3 missions trips each year in various parts of the world. ​He loves doing restorative work and is a huge blessing to so many.​

Janet Engle MD
Janet is a Pediatrician in the US and has one of the most gentle and caring people in the world. ​She goes out of her way to make a difference. ​

​​Gordon Guild DO
Gordon is a physician in the US who has come on many trips to Kenya with us. ​He is known for his patience, ​big heart and willingness to help in anyway he can.​

Shalom Ndiku - Lawyer
Shalom was born and raised in Kenya. (He is a awesome soccer player) He went to University in South Africa and now is an Environmental Lawyer in Nairobi, Kenya.

​​Peter Yesudian DDS/Oral Surgeon
Peter has his practice in the UK and joins us on at least one trip each year to Kenya. ​He is been a huge blessing to Global Village Ministries in so very many ways. ​​​​​​​​​
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Global Village Ministries (GVM) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization registered in the United States that provides medical and dental care in Kenya, plus long term projects that include educational opportunities and THE OLMALAIKA HOME - which is a home for young Maasai girls at high risk of genital mutilation and childhood marriage.

​​We provide three service trips each year in March, July and October to Kenya, giving free care to those with insufficient access to health and dental care. The focus on the medical/dental trips is not on how many patients are treated or the number of teeth extracted/restored, but instead on building relationships and reflecting our Maker. ​​Each trip is unique and gives you the opportunity to understand the culture, see the countryside, make new friends, and enjoy the amazing wildlife.

We believe in the Bible as the guide of our faith. It reveals to us God’s love and plan for our lives. All we hold to be true in matters of faith can be found in it.

We strive to show God's love to all and welcome people of any faith to join us. Jesus engaged in work that was for the benefit of mankind – spiritually, mentally, and physically. He alone makes men and women whole. We want to model our lives after our Maker in character and action.

Each of us are blessed with gifts and talents that can used to make a difference. Together we can change the world!

"If everyone gives a thread, that poor man ​will
​have a shirt"  ​​​- unknown​​


​​Kim DeWitt - Director / Co-Founder of The Olmalaika Home
​Kim was raised in Kenya and has spent 18+ years of her life there. She is responsible for the mission trips, the sponsorship program, and is passionate about the people of Kenya, ending female genital mutilation and child marriage.

Stephanie DeWitt - Assistant Director/Secretary
Stephanie is Kim's daughter and spent 6 of her childhood in Kenya. She has always considered it to be her home. ​She loves to travel and spent a couple of years in Austria. She has a big heart for the people of Kenya and desires to make a difference for those who are less fortunate.​

​​​Andrew Heney - Chair
Andy has a heart made for Kenya. He has been with us on a couple of mission trips, has limitless energy and is passionate ​about making a difference. He is a motivational speaker and also a sales representative​.​​

​​Kamunge Ing'ang'i - Administrator & Co-Founder of The Olmalaika Home 
​Kamunge is has a passion for young people. He is a certified Bronze Guide/Driver with the Kenya Professional Guide Association, a mechanic and oversees all of our mission trips and the Olmalaika Home.

Faith Mwendwa - Board Member
Faith is a very passionate family person and a dedicated nurse with a burning passion for humanity. Her joy and fulfillment comes from making a positive impact on people's lives.

​​​Greg Powers - Treasurer

​Greg is an applications engineer with a corporation in Michigan who has a passion for missions and young people.

Robin Steely DDS - Board Member

Robin is a graduate of the University of Michigan Dental School, and has a private practice in Battle Creek, Michigan. Robin and his wife are passionate about "giving back" and have a huge heart for those who are less fortunate.
Global Village Ministries' Team