Passionate about Serving Others

Global Village Ministries (GVM) is a Christian non-profit organization registered in the United States that is passionate about serving others.

​​We aim to accomplish this by providing three mission trips each year - in March, July and October - to Kenya, giving free care to those with insufficient access to health, dental and spiritual care.

​​Each trip is unique and gives you the opportunity to understand the culture, see the countryside, make new friends, and enjoy the amazing wildlife.

Global Village Ministries also promotes long-term projects in the areas we visit - including building projects and several ongoing education projects. Our focus is not on how many patients are treated or the number of teeth extracted, but instead on building relationships and reflecting our Maker.


We believe in the Bible as the guide of our faith and as the Word of God to all. It reveals to us God’s will, what is true and how we can know the truth. All we hold to be true in matters of faith can be found in it.

We believe a great controversy is taking place between God and Satan over the souls of all men and women. This warfare plays out mostly spiritually but has affected humans in many other areas of their existence. In keeping with His mission to restore men to a meaningful fellowship with God, Jesus engaged in work that was for the benefit of mankind – spiritually, mentally, and physically. He alone makes men and women whole. We want to model our lives after Jesus in character and action to help accomplish His mission.

We believe Jesus will soon return to this earth to complete His plan of salvation and restoration. We want to share His love with others so that we can all be ready when He returns. This hope is the motivation for our mission.


Norbert Schwer, MD remembers his very first Christmas while in medical school when he was invited to go with a friend to Mexico​​ on a mission trip. It was on that trip years ago that he was bitten by the "mission bug." He and his wife Chris accepted a call to go to Papua New Guinea, in 1993 as long term missionaries, but for one reason or another it didn't work out and they decided to continue doing short term mission trips to various places around the world. 

His heart had been touched by the needs overseas and he was asked by ​his local church to
​consider including young people on their trips, and it was then that he realized that there
​was not only a huge blessing in giving care to those in need, but also an amazing blessing
​in "birthing new missionaries" by allowing others to participate in the trips and introducing
​them to new cultures.

In 2000 they went on their first "family" mission trip to Ethiopia, and over the years Norbert
​participated and organized numerous trips and provided funding for countless projects in
​Nepal, Philippines, Zambia, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Mexico.

In 2006 Norbert felt impressed to begin a non-profit organization that would be able to minister to people in need around the world and Global Village Ministries was started. He and his family have given of their time and finances over the years and changed countless lives. They are passionate about serving others, and the world is a better place today because of Dr. Norbert and Chris Schwer giving spirit and their desire to make a difference for others.